Thursday, June 4, 2009


As I sit down and think about the essence of time and how it applies to all. I ponder how dangerous it really can be. My theory is that time is built on the foundation of life, other than God ofcourse. In otherwords, we all know we must use time, but is it that time is using us? Wow im beginning to think all messed up after watching an episode of 'CSI' then after 'House'. I feel that time has no reflexes and neither can be bent. Although I do feel that time does play with our minds greatly. This is because we have days where we feel that time can either pass very fast or become very slow. Fellas, dont you hate when your putting in work (ahem! ahem! don't play like you dont know what I mean) but time cuts you short. Or ladies when time is speeding because your sitting on your bed waiting for that dude to call you (when you secretly are thinking he's cheating, but really he's in the washroom taking a #2) What im trying to get at, is there any good to time? In addition, the fact also remains, that time is the incentive reason why we rush things. Personally, pateience is not one of my best traits, therefore I perfer to look forward to things and plan consistently. As well, I am more effiecient when I am productive. Enough about me, the point of this post is that time is distructive in many ways. If we choose to let it get the best of us, it sure will. For instance, we all have childhood memeories and still till this day where we get highly anxious about where or what is going on the following day. In result, this says that time is false for leading us on. You can either agree to disgree (Got that from 'Smart Guy') but it is what it is. Furthermore, its very annoying to think that time is holding us back from doing what we want. We all have had those times where we once said " If only I was older" or some other random reason regarding time. When actually in all faith, if we were/are more accertive then time is not an asset. There is a saying that creative individuals walk to their own beat. Although in generall, everyone should walk to their own beat instead of the beat ticking from the clock.
No matter what time it is, if you have a dream or goal continue to strieve for it. Neither people or time can stop that from happining.

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