Monday, June 1, 2009


Now recently many people have been frequently asking me the same questions, therefore now im going to adress a couple and let it be for now.

What am I up to?
Speeding the highway of life without looking back. Take it however you want.

What are you going to school for? and what do plan on doing in the future?
Currently im going to ------ for Business Marketing, then after if im not sipping champaigne in my yawt by the time I graduate. I most likely will enroll into fashion arts at -------. Hopefully, in the next 2 years I will be close of taking over the world (oops!) I ment uplifting the world. I cant get into specifics just yet, although for those close to me, they know what's up.

LOL! uhhh!..lets just say its summer, and if certain people aint popping! (chris brown voice) then I got to keep the ball rolling as usual. In otherwords, im playing it cool how ive always done.

Whats the shoe game saying?
K, its obvious I have a problem, therefore I have close one's around me to prevent that addiction from occuring. (Even though that won't really stop me)

Lastly whats your number so i can get at you?
It's 647-476-4910..
Get Familiar!

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