Saturday, June 27, 2009


Today on my way back home I bumped into a old homeboy Ben from highschool. We both began to catch up on old good times and recent events. Beyond all the conversational (if thats a word-fuck it I dont care its my word now) bullshit that people endure to talk about. We got into some nitty gritty 'real talk' shit. Other than me telling him my plans for the future and what im doing now. He mentioned to me that him and his girl finally deliverd their baby on June 2nd. The little baby girl's name is Isabella. Ofcourse, the name was inspired by my advice--nah I lied. But sure enough from the pictures he showed me on his blackberry (crack/poisen berry) his daughter looks chubby and beautiful. Oddly, she resembles him alot. Other than that, he tells me that she keeps him up alot, plus he still has to try and find energy for work. As well, he joyfully tells me that he is so proud of his little girl and that she is the center of his life. She is the Best thing he has ever had, and thinks about her every second of the day. At this point im imagining if I was expecting/or had a baby; how I would feel. I can surly assume that I would be very protective of my little girl and would want to hover over her every minute. But to tell you the truth, i'd rather not think about it. Im just not in any state to do that nor am I even ready. O' lord! so far from financially ready also. Nevertheless, we moved on talking about his girl and her wild cravings. That he got in a fussy agrument with her while she was pregnet, because she wanted Taco Bell at 11pm. So he replied back to her saying "babe its closed, I cant do anything about it" (Exactly like I would). Little did he know, he was in a danger zone after he said that. So they raved back and forth, but really he should have just said "k, babe i'll see what I can do". Just in order to make things smooth and right.
Before Ben and I departed ways, he strongly stated that this experiece has made him a better man. He know's he has alot ahead of him although he is taking care of his responsibilities. I only hope the best for Isabella, Ben & his girl.

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