Friday, June 12, 2009


I want this to be a notice to all people of the world. When you have you people close to you, like your friends and family. Love them to the fullest. Sometimes we take things for granted and which makes us overlook the smaller things. As well, I must admit that I am a victim of taking things for granted. My life is never fine and dandy, yet most of the time I try to enjoy it as much as I can. Nevertheless, close people like my grandmother has not been feeling much good for some time now. Some may secretly think that maybe soon is her time and now every little moment with her is what we should treasure. Some how I disagree with that state of mind. This is because I cant bare to see my grandmother in pain, and sitting in a home. Thus, I havent seen her for about a year now because of that same reason. It dreds to me think the only one true women in my life who's been there and raised me may anytime pass. She was the first women to install values into me and how to treat a lady. I swear I could credit my whole life to her. (she's f---'n best!) Although, whats worst is that I frequently hear her telling me in my head that her "time is soon." Honestly, I cant much explain it, because shit' who am I kidding this is the internet (everyone reads!) Yet the point of the matter is, if you have any certain type of love for someone, although you cant exactly share it. At least keep them close, so that both of you reocognize that you have one another.

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