Saturday, June 13, 2009


So overall the show was good. Other than the Dj fucking up every once in a while and the show actually starting late, I enjoyed it. The night was compiled of good music eazing through the streets of Toronto. Many people came out to the show, including the fam (you know who you are) DJ Illegal Alien, Meg & Charlene (2/3 of the discombobulated tricks!), Claire, Tse, Lavar, Ron D, Dat chick Neeks,Willie T... so on and so forth.
Everyone came out looking good and keeping it one hunded' for the night. I was absolutely head bobbing to KJ's opening performance of the night. That dude has mad talent. I've said it once and i'll say it again. If you dont have the mixtape yet, get familiar and scroll down some posts. Then after, (around 12:30ish') the main set from Blake began shooting the airwaves. With him introducing himself through his 'Welcome to my world' track on his mixtape tittled Welcome to my world. (O' snap I didn't at first even book that!) Anyways, throughout the night he performed many tracks of his recent mixtape as well as some new exclusive tracks, along with a couple freestyles. The two banger tracks of the night was the radio hit' Dreamgirl and Summer Body Fit featuring Shane Tone. The track got such a good response from the crowd, that many people demanded both of them to perform an encore of Summer Body Fit. Therefore there was only one thing left to. Well..c'mon now they had to do what it do!

Look out for KJ, Blake Carrington and Shane Tone in the near future.
It always feels good to experience live artists before many people hop on'.
Lastly, here are a couple pics from the night...

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