Friday, June 5, 2009


So today i encounterd someone with a problem (at least thats what i thought!) Well I guess the best way to tell you, is first is to describe this individual. So here I go. He was a scruffy, smelly, nappy and as it looked also itchy man in the pressence of yours truly. Earlier today he asked me for a size in a shoe at my workplace. So ofcourse I followed up his request, and as I was watching him pull off his shoe, i could see a big hefty whole circulating the middle of his foot. As if there was no point in wearing the damn sock in the first place. Im telling ya'll it was bad, to the point where all of his five toes were being completely exposed. Nevertheless, that was just the beginning. Plus who who am I to talk, we all have those times where we notice a whole in our sock (yet never to this measure) Anyways, as I was monatoring the area, I was getting slapped right, left and center with a stinky smell. I must be allergic to smelly people because during times like that I cant think straight, neither even breeth. Moving on, I saw about two green booger flakes hanging from his nose, patiently waiting to drop. At that time I sort of smerked instead of being grossed out. Only because i wanted to see it drop on his lip. LOL! I have problems. Anyways, he approved my assumption that he was not going to get the shoes in the first place. Therefore when he got up to walk away, the dreadful man picked his wedgy from his behind. (Do what you got to do!) Although, I could swear some people either act like they dont come from their mother or just simply dont give a dayum.
Furthermore, this makes me think is there any possible nice way in telling a stranger they stink and need to clean up?

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