Monday, September 7, 2009


Did I ever mention the love of my life is pancakes?
And im dead honest, there is no day that I deny the pleasure of a pancake.
Just thinking of the maple syrup (the expensive ish') dripping down the fluffy layers of panckes, makes me want to skeet. I've had many pancakes from different people in the past, and not till' today did I ever narrow it down the top 3 pancake bakers. Well.....without further a-do...
1) Granny-Each bite of her pancakes are classic, its like she sizzle's them with soul
2)Dre's mom-she pop locks and drops it on those bad boys. Serves a mean dish
3) My god mother-she makes them fluffy & tiny like the bottom of a pop can, *bona petite!
O'ye most def' I have to have fresh Orange Juice, Bacon, Hash browns and French toast alongside my Pancakes. YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

1 comment:

  1. yo we need to allll go to ihop you will DIE! their pancakes are on a wholee notha LEVEL!
    ... i have spoken!