Friday, September 18, 2009


Whats your guilty pleasure? Some people have told me a couple strange awkward pleasure's. Although I guess thats the whole point of having a guilty pleasure. Today marks the day that I pubicly announce my guilty pleasure. Not to say that I havent ever told anyone, because I have. Yet on wider spectrum, this marks the first.

Drum roll please...

I find that I enjoy chick songs. You maybe either be right now like "What the F@#%" or just be simply laughing. But yes, im facinated, f-it, I like most chick songs! For example, Danity kane-showstoppa and Katy perry-I kissed a girl. Dont get it twisted, I dont go and whind up myself or nothing. Mans like me dont do those. Yet, your most likely to find you and your bestfriends's club/sex jam on my ipod. I dont know what it is, but for some reason it just gravitates me. I thought I might just share a song with you that I've adored for a long time, although it never truly got exposure.

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