Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Both albums are ABSOLUTELY DOPE without a doubt. I've been long awaiting this blueprint piece to come out from late 07'. That aint no joke, real talk. I was mad disappointed when he pushed it back from it's last year release. Im sure eveyone remembers the ill track 'Jocking Jay-Z', which was spost to be the single. But O' well..Wommp Wommp Wommp! I dont dwell on the past, it is what it is. Without further a-do its here now. Therefore everyone go cop that head bobbing' dope shit. Neverthess, I cant forget shortly before Jay's album came out, there was Cudi. Kid Cudi that is. His album on 'Man on the moon' is most def an album not for everyone. Its definately one I will play each and everyday, although it sure is different. Im intrigued to it because of that simple fact of it being different and unsual. Kid Cudi reflects the youth and group of vivid people who's voice and art are not shared on a greater scheme. Therefore, phenomenal avenue will always appreciate his great work and emotional story's.
Although, all in all there can only be one winner. Some may not agree with this decision, and some may. But my winning vote is nominated to Jay-z. This is because before I listend to the whole album I already had half of it leaked on my ipod. Nevertheless, half way through the album around 11/15 I declared the album a Classic. Shit I dont know how anyone can deny the voice of alicia keys voice on 'Empire state of mind', and say its not a classic. Well, look at it this way think of any rapper that has had more than 2 classic albums? And im talking solo albums not groups. If so please do holla, because I dont think there is. Well not unitll now B******!
"Drake's up next lets see what he does with it"
-Jay Z

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  1. you don't have drizzy as a contender?
    btw i swear jay's album was supposed to come out today, did it?
    i wanna buy it! (even though i already have it lol)