Saturday, September 19, 2009


Now im no guru when it comes to relationships, although i do know a thing here and there. What I am certain of is that right now as you read, the society is undergoing the 'break up season.' "AD. how could you be so certain?" Well please allow me to preech--"church!". For those who are still stumped about the relationship cycle it works like this. Sidenote, there is a movie that i cant exactly remember the name yet it identifies this cycle the best. I remember this because some girl dragged me to watch it. Anyways moving on!, when new years arrives every year people began to make wishes. Although, subconsciously 90% of the time those same wishes will apply to someone new throughout the following year. As the snow began's to diminish and drain throughout the sewers, relationships begain to slide as well. In otherwords, girls this is the time where your man may get bored of you and start losing the romatic touch from earlier in the dating era. Likewise, guys this is the time where your girl argue's with you over the most stupid little things. Let me make this clear STUPID little things. Anyways, this is just the beginnig of the annual slope. Once, spring arrives it gets worse. People began to add other random potential's on facebook and single friends hint to you that their friend is intrested in you. O' and it gets worse, guys began to look at other girls because women are now unbuttoning their blouse a little more and are wearing more tights. Girls, are watching me because they can see the defintion underneeth the shirt. Ooops! i ment in generall. As well realtionships tend to become real sour around this time and mates doubt if they should even be in the relationship. As time pro-longs, summer arrives such as now and mates are at their full end/torence/capacity. They simply or ignorantly state to their mate that its eventually time to break up because of such and such, and that they dont feel the same way because of such and such OR "your a f----'n such and such, get out my life." Usually the girls tend to do that sort of stuff. For me to be even more assuring, i've had a couple people already in this last couple weeks telling me that thier relationship is no longer. This maybe because of numrous amount reasons, the one's i try to stay away from but yet still lend a comforting hand too. I do know its not hard to get over that break hump, and for those who are in that delimma right now, my heart and this post is for ya'll. Basicly ya'll need to maintain to keep your head up and realize that change is good. C'mon now its the year of OBAMA (*change campaign). We all need to take a good look at our selves and determine what we want to do in life and where we want to be, before we plan who we want to be with. Not to put down anyone who is instrested in another individual at this point of the season. Im just generally saying that the world and others are full of endless opportunities. Excercise them

-Older post from May

So it is true people, the cycle is in effect. I said it once, and i'll say it again. We are currently in the transition of seasons. Therefore read my ish' once more.

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