Monday, September 7, 2009


I was un-invited to a photoshoot for the day because of bad behaviour so instead I...

-eat cereal for half of the day, as I sat watching the game marathon
-did some blog surfing/shoe shopping
-did 4 loads of launrdy X ass load of dishes
-severly burnt my two burgers in the oven because I was too facinated with listening to J*DaVeY
-was convinced by Dre to somehow drive to Montreal for the Jay-Z concert
-broke my garage door (not cool)

and now I wait patiently for my mother to make it back home from our home away from home N.Y! N.Y! Hopefully she'll bring back something good for me. Although, in most cases I should not get my hopes up. This is because she frankly doesn't have the best taste, nor comprehend anything I ask for. Wommp Wommp Wommp! Anyways, I got a 9:00 class tommorow, (how fun?) I just hope that everyone else had an above decent labour day.


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