Thursday, September 3, 2009


So this new chapter of my life is sure on its way. I have no exact clue to what is going to happen but so far, its been umm, intresting. Just this summer was surely 'something else'. If you asked me what do I have to show for it? I would be like, "ummmm...uhhh!" But for the most part its a trunkful of facebook add's, dripping handful of phone numbers, and a sore knee from playing ball. I must say its been a journey that im not willing to let go of. I only hope others out there have learned or found within themselves something new. For example that they are stronger than they appear (emotionally and physically) or that life is endless, therefore take risks and be daring to new things. O' well, i've done said it before school is on the way. So get your mind right and out of the gutter any more because summer is done. Shit, fellas go find a girl to be the wife for summertime. Ladies, calm the hell down and pull out them trackpants (I like, I like!) instead of those mini ass skirts with the pockets dangling down your leg.


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