Thursday, September 10, 2009


So I pose this question to all the ladies. Is it honestly that bad to get at a dude when you have a man? Well basicly, its been 3 days into the school year already. Well, 2 for me including today because I have Wednesday off. Anyways, I ask this question because earlier today a sweet lady came to my attention and told me straight up that she would be with me if she didnt have a man. My first instinct was like "What the F@#%!" Although, she was looking mighty cute and had mad swag, therefore I wasn't that offended. Funny thing is that her man was right behind her not paying any mind to what she was telling me. O' suu wuu. Well, afterwards I thought to myself, like "dayum, boy o' boy what I would do to that" Yet, in class as I was daydreaming I thought to myself why is that girls have these urges with dudes when their supposedly spose to be commited. I thought the old fashion tendency or sterotype was to be directed at man for this, although things have now changed. More and more girls are being upfront with the way they feel. Clearly today was a prime example.
Personally, im not a cheater type, although I could care less if she wants to cheat or not. Wait..let me make this clear I dont care if she- (i.e) as in the girl today not my girl who wants to cheat. Evidentally she's not satisfied in relationship becuase she's now rebelling and looking for someone else to execute what her current man can't. Woomp Woomp Woomp! This issue seems to be frequently surfacing. Shit' everyone only has one life so live it up. In otherwords, take risks and well be fruitful LOL! Thats cited from the bibble.
Anyways, I dont think there is any real conclusion or resolution to this issue. Its pretty much straight forward. Either be faithful "best I ever had" or freaky dicky "stanky leg".

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  1. lmaooo freaky dicky stanky leg.. hahah i hate u! lmao

    Asia F.