Thursday, February 4, 2010


Wow shits crazy, my project is to job shadow (interview) my future job. However my head has been so far up my gluteous maximus, that I cant even accpet finding another career other than my own business. Well thats my initial plan.
So basicly its taking me way more time to finsih than expected. My only fear Please dont be scared of me (sorry that was uncalled for) is that I wont finsh it in time. Sigh!!!!

In the mean time im just going to take this time and say that the Colts will be winning the Superbowl. The saints can have a breakfest in-a-bowl from deneys.
My reason for this decsicon is because I dont like Reggie only because dude's soft. Dont get me wrong he plays nice and all although homeboys girl bluntly slept around in each of our faces. Im talking about the dick slingin'-slurp drippin'-face cringin' infamous tape. But the real kick is that he took her back. Ha! Call that love? or desperate?..whatever.
Plus Manning never fails. Enough said.

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