Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is the D.O.B.S.

-I hate when girls take pictures of them self infront of the bathroom mirror. The bathroom has a purpose, dont take advantage of it
-Guys pull your pants up. Im not mad when you sag the swag a little bit. But C'mon now! That shits played out
-If I see another highschool girl wear one of those tiny Dora backpaks, my pupil is going to explode. Recognize your damn age
-I cant believe I have to bring this up. But dude's if you dont own a good bottle of cologne, dont step out outside. C'mon axe cost $1.99
-Umm how do I say this. Well, I can tell the whole torn jean/tights has been in style for a minute now. But umm if you got a muffin top or have skin falling out of place. Then you got a big problem. Please ladies take care of it.
-Fellas, or least smart ones' listen up. Wearing 3XL garments is never a great impression. Just think about it
-You know its time to retire your boots, when your Uggs are slanting your foot half-way and look soggy in broad daylight. Yuckkkk
-Lastly, note to everyone. If you see someone eating with their mouth open, give them a good ol' fashion slap in the mouth. HaHa trick!

And thats is all for today!


  1. lol at the Uggs comment... so true . Piss mi offf!!! lol.