Friday, February 12, 2010


Its all-star weekend people! Anyone and everyone always look forward to this weekend. I find that the NBA is the only league that recieves as much hype on their weekend than the superbowl. What a cowenkey-dinky the superbowl was just last weekend. Sighhh
Nevertheless, this weekend event means alot to me since I was ye' high. I would remember being a little nappy head kid sitting dead straight infront of my TV all weekend long. To me it was more than just watching a game, it almost felt like an unreal moment to see all my favorite star players shine at once on one court. As well, i'd secretly hope the the NBA would have the event take place in Toronto. However we know that will never happen. Because 1) The ACC is too small and 2) the Skydome is too nasty-When I went to see the retro craptors back in the early 90's at skydome, I was mortified!

Honestly its kind of weird to explain, but I would remember watching every event, every commericial and every interview. My grandma would get mad at me all the time for sitting to close to the television. Maybe thats the reason why I need glasses today.
Well now that I get older and less active (pop belly coming soon, i joke i joke!) it happens to have less relevance to me. Not to say I wont watch every event although if I happen to miss one, I could care less.

If there is anyone who has not yet watched this event take place, I encourgae you to do so. If anyone has any early MVP predicitions, then holla. I'll put some monopoly money up that the king james is taking it this year.
With that being said, Good day!

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