Saturday, February 27, 2010


For a change I took it upon myself to do something nice. Not to say im a grinch or anything. However, I dont usually go too much out of my comfort zone to help others. It may sound selfish but thats just how i've usually been. Wommp Wommp Wommp.
For some God given reason, I took the initiave to be my street's snow slinging slu! In otherwords, I shoveld a great amount of house's driveway in brutal weather yesterday evening. I assure you it was not anything that was comfortable or easy to do. Although for some reason out of the blue, I felt it was necessary for me to do.
For anyone that lives in the GTA district and was driving or even had the courage to walk in the non-stop snow storm. I applaud you. However! I dont applaud the indivual who came along with their dog, behind my back to pee on my crystal clear lawn of snow. Not cool.

If it wasnt for me hullicating to this song below, I would have without a doubt kick some karate kid ass.

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