Monday, November 2, 2009


This weekend I saw that highly anticipated Paranomal Activity and lets just put it that i've never been right since. I knew from the get-go I shouldnt have watched that shit. Although my curiosity got the best of me. Therefore I sat through an hour and a half of realistic x spiritual x frightning mess. At this point im so dissapointed in myself. I've never been one to stomach real spiritual movies because I have this strong sense that its completly real. The night back home from that was intence, in otherwords I got no sleep. As well, last night I had to sleep with the light on. This shit is not a game people. Watching the orginal excorsist the first time was hell. Yet, even trying to watch it the second time during broad day light was horrible. And please dont even get me started on emily rose. I still have vivid images in my head of that movie. Anyways, the point is to whomever is reading this and has not watched the movie yet...please for GOODNESS' SAKE dont watch it.
Hence, this was just the first of my
Buggin' out Halloween

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