Tuesday, August 18, 2009


When two people dont know how to approach a conversation. For instance, we all get those moments where we see this good looking person every once in a while. Thier pressence makes you wanna say "hot dayum!" or "hall-li-lu-yah!" Yet you either get caught in two things. One, you either are to shy to say something because your too infactuated with their attraction or two, you both are waiting for one of you to break the ice. (hint to the fellas: ladies perefer for us to holla first but in an appropriate manner)
Shit, is mad weird at times. Me for example, is a very hard headed person. So yes, I do perfer when ladies make the first move. At least give a good clue, that your intrested-fellas i know ya'll fell me, (sniff sniff nah' mean) Well anways, sometimes it takes me a little longer than others to take that step usually because I wait. Hence, its all apart of the game (the stewie master plan)
Nevertheless, in generall this persuation of lust can be awkward.

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