Sunday, August 2, 2009


Firstly, I apologize for the lack of posts lately. This would because I recently have chosen to direct most my attention to...well money. In these recession times, money values more than being an asset. Therefore most of my time is consumed by working hard sweaty and exhausting long days. (real attractive huh?) Anyways, beyond all that blah blah excuses. Its that time of year in the city where people began to wild'out. For Canada's long weekend at the end of July of each year, it is considered Caribana weekend. What is Caribana you ask? Well in sum it is a festival that takes place in lakeshore, Toronto. Where many people of all ages and cultures come together to and participate in a caribean tradition. This event draws many tourists around the globe to come to Toronto. Ok now without the politically right definition of caribanna, it is a festival that people mainly dance up and down the strip with either costumes or merly nothing at all. Sounds intresting huh? Personally since I was 3 i've never missed one cariabana, and dont plan on missing another. Its always great to go out with the homeboys and wild'out with ladies. Especially the american's. As well, meeting new people is always refreshing. Anyways, im still healing from my crazy friday night and walking a storm yesterday. But dont get confused the weekend isn't done yet so neither am I. Point, blank period.

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