Saturday, August 15, 2009


After reading a couple articles in my GQ magazine, it came to my mind about women, life and ish' in general. But for the most part it was about living the life of a prestiege bachalor, something like the show entourage. Anyways, I noticed men around the age of 35 or so, are living in the sweet era. Sorry ladies if im a little too blunt, but this is when us guys can get women of nearly any age. Im talking about ladies who are our age, mothers and daughter's at the same time. Sounds live huh? Not to be cocky but its absolutely true. In essence it may not be around 35, but it sure is between being young enough that your active but yet old enough that you got your grown man appeal. If I could label this era of a mans life it would be considerd the sweet spot. Younger ladies (daughters) at that time would be curious and most likely wouldnt think twice. (hence I just think) Older ladies would be would be generally looking for a marriage type of relationship, but yet still down for the one night stand. O' well, this is just a random thought that came to my mind. Ya'll can do whatever you want with it. I dont care, write it down, bbm it to someone or even email to yourself. I dont give a dayum (wow I got a little harsh) Just as long as it marinates in your mind, i'm happy.

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