Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Why is that its now the middle of the week, and my head is still aching from last weekend? Is that right or even possible? maybe I need medical help. Only because this doesnt seem right. Shit now a days just feels like a blur. Moms mad buggin'-Desperite to leave my job-Got a mad allergy/cold/fever-school is on the way- tricks keep calling up my phone-Rogers keeps nagging me about a bill-bed feels like heaven-kids screaming voices are locked in my head--and I find myself stuck sitting on the toilet thinking about life. Weird ish' huh?
But really and trully all I want to be is successful!

So in due time I hope to pick myself back up, take care of some important goals. Hopefully get my knee taken care of. The last thing I want is to see what happend to drake to me. Only because I as well have a torn acl from ball. Trust me its a bitch.

Anyways, other than that I commend my boys who I dont really party with (because I dont party much in the first place) Ya'll had to put up with my ish on the thursday. So I thank you. Even though, I heard alot of stuff went down on the otherside of my eyelids. Uhhh!

So I thank ash for taking care of me, hence I heard that I had a lil' boo boo on you. Oopsy daisy! But I sure repaid you back the other night. On that note, im proud of that whole click for taking me out of my hip hop/R&B/dancehall box and introducing this live bumping house/trans kind of club. It was mad dope. Although what wasn't dope was leaving the club and seeing all the peaches (wow new replacement!/dont hop on) leaving the other clubs. O' well suu wuu! I'll get it in next year-pause-i'll live it up even more next year.

I think i've touched on all base's for now, so umm in the words of my fellow homey buggs bunny-thats all folks!!!

My T.O Peaches

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