Friday, October 9, 2009


You want to know what sucks? Is when "someone" has the house to themself for about 2 weeks and still finds to bump into the great wall of boredum. You ask how is this so? Well let me break it down to you.

He--Ooops! cant throw a party because..
1) He cant afford to break something in his house nor
2) Have someone creeping and creeping(TLC) in his room.
He cant call up the only two girls he knows around the way because..
1) One of them works each and every hour of the retail and accountant life.
2) The other is just...well living her life avoiding him.
He cant just go to work because..
1) He is beefing with his manager
2) Well..he is beefing with his manager.

In between time, in the mean time, he finds himself consumed by watching pointless shows like 90210 and Melrose Place on Rogers On Demand. As well, downloading enough music to cause his computer to slow down. Thats not to forget, the regualar programed shows he watches like The amazing race, The city, The office and Glee.
Nevertheless, its always nice to top off his bordum with schoolwork, tests and more readings.
Shit, I'll cut the crap because this is the life I live. Honestly, I just want some loot so I can move to mexico, drink my corona as I watch half naked white girls run up and down playing vollyball.

Woomp Woommpp Wooommmppp!

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