Friday, October 9, 2009


Papoose, Big ting, Asare, G, Yours truly AD. and Dre
Cold chillin' in Wasaga
Lately, walking throughout hallways of school I notice familair faces' from back in highschool. These same people that I would never think of seeing again, seem to appear right back in my surroundings like little nutcases. They may have not said anything to me yet just the fact that their at me school now bothers me. Although, who am I to feel any ways? I dont own the damn school, but frankly I dont give a damn. These snotty little kids were the same one's that were groupies back then and happen to still be to this day. Just yesterday, one of them came up to me asking if I play ball still. As well, this indvidual was itching on my shoulder trying to depict the time I viciously dunked over "birdman" infront 1/4 of the school. I dont like to brag, but shit that was live. Anyways, the point of the matter is if you see the same people within 15 metres radius...began to run.

RANDOM: All this highschool talk, reminds me of words and stupid shit we made up back then.
I would frequently say:

"I dont give a damn", "your what-less", "bare tings!", "DJ AD. in the place to be", "buy me lunch", "yo freestyle fresstyle im going to make a beat" and etc..
Dre would frequently say:
"Do the 1 time", "you have a tangerine?", "you aint never heard this!", "your shit!", "she won't leave me alone", "yo, just llow me"(slang) and etc..
Shane would frequently say:
"are your serious?", "how you mean?", "I have the best crossover"," bun chicken, bun rice", "so what you saying?", "boogle,bloggle" and etc.
Lastly Suk would say:
"pussy is pussy","thats not proper","Shut up im better, lets play now!","Lightaz!","Look at this big stu-pid","O' talii-peh"and etc.

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