Sunday, October 4, 2009


Its not cool when my mind and the world are both playing tricks...
I dont know if I should listen to any more Jay-Z music because its somewhat evil...
I dont know if I should watch TV or be as immune to media..
I just dont know, alot of things are messing with me.

Has anyone seen the Jay-Z deception on youtube yet?
Has anyone yet seen the preview for that scary ass movie called 2012?
That shit' is trippy, because just this last summer a dude I was working with was telling me some madness that is going to happen that year. Im not going to get into specific's, but its sure enough what you see in that movie.

1 comment:

  1. Kanye voice "Why are you so PARANOID? ha hA HA HA HA!" But on the real though, thats something to really think about and figure out whats really good or appear to be good for that matter, and is it all that glitters really gold or just gold plated.