Sunday, October 25, 2009


Its late at night and your talking to... umm a friendly friend. Wink wink! Everything is going well. Actually everything is going real real real good. Sorry I snapped. And the conversation is getting a little heated and mighty intresting.
So you get more cozy and relax, turn down the tv, mid level the lights just so mood is right. Yet surely enough your phone begins to flash."O' bloody hell" So you slightly check your phone. It indicates that you have a low battery and its in need of charging. So instead of aknowledging your dying phone you remain to talk with your friendly other.

As time persue's your body begans to sink into a groove. Your hand is comfortably in sync with the phone postioned nicely with your head.You then lose track of everything around you; your mother balling out your name, brothers or sisters bothering you and all distracting objects amongst your surroundings. And then the best part is when your significant other says...
"Hey baby, I just want to let you know I"
"I, hello? hello??"

Wommp Wommp Wommmp! Your damn phone dies because you were too lazy to go and get the charger nor break silence between your amusing converstaion.

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