Saturday, October 24, 2009


"I confess im secretly a fat kid that doesn't look or feel like it." During summer, I every so often was was working out. Yet I admit not enough to fulfill mine nor anyone's general/healthy expectations. Nevertheless, in the prime of summer I weighed in at 188 nearly just short of bucking 190. Dont get it confused, the 188 was mere muscle baby. Anyways, recently my mother was getting at me about my bad food habits. Therefore I toook the intiative to weigh myself yesterday. The result was 193. Wow! Now all this time I thought since summer is well fading out of the picture and I havent played ball in a hot minute. I was guarentee'd to gain maybe about 10 pounds at the rate im eating. But No-Sir-Re-Bob! I only gained 5 dinky pounds. Yet my ego informs me that the pounds are just muscle. Wink wink! Weird thing is that I eat nothing but trash but my body feels like flash. Uhhhhhhhhhhh! OK, maybe I lied a lil' bit. But trust me I still got it tight and in place.
Well it came to mind that I further observe my bad eating habits and write down everything I had from when I woke up to the time I sleep. So without further a-do...

1) couple sips of apple

2)3 doughntus and 1 cream soda..Jones
soda that is

3)1 aloe vera drink..shout out
to ashley

4)Burgerking-the King
combo-Double Cheeseburger, fries and a medium root beer

5)A large cinnomon roll
6)Pho mi-had a large Pho Ga noodle live
9)Red velvot cake straight from the cheescake factory in

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    you secretly the love of my life? aloe ANDDDD pho ga (you even know the vietnamese spelling)? mmhm <3