Thursday, May 7, 2009


What it do! I go by AD. or ADEE or even absolutely dope. However you please, my birth name was given to me after the several early christian saints, named Adrian. I grew up in the cold country Canada, but yet can be found frequently on the dope phenomenal ave. I’m a very ambitious individual who seeks for greatness and explores the escalating lifestyle of creativity.
Beneath my eyes I see the world founded and built upon God’s love of art. It is in our responsibility to continue to develop creative innovations and ideas to stimulate our mind, body and soul. As well, the future relies on the artistic hand that fights against traditional thinking. In other words, from an artist point of view, we are one of the vital keys remaining left on this planet in order for survival. Enough with the b.s, I appreciate and acknowledge all designers like my self’s body of work and creation. My goal is to initiate being one of the world’s elite designers. In specific, I want to uplift the world through the clothes that I design and the various amount of collaborating projects I contribute to. Hopefully, one day I can stand for the dope shit that people look up to. For all those who’ve already experienced or seen my work I will continue to appreciate the love. Only because you are the true ones I push to work for. I got nothing but love for each and every one of ya’ll. On this good note, just know I don’t really need the money, car’s and the cloth’s (I suppose * shout out to drizzy) I just really need ya’ll. But shit i aint mad if i get it though. So come along and enter the world of AD. I'll always be live and direct from the ave. Uhhh! That's what's up!

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