Thursday, May 7, 2009


Honestly, im not mad at these dudes getting together to create a mixtape. Everyone can now see the game is changing, due to people not going out and actually buying records. Therefore artists now take more credit in their free mixtapes that they release. Although, i dont agree that artists should just create mixtapes; the mixtape game is growing rapidly. It is always healthy to hear a good body of work other than garbedge material. I can truly state from hearing a couple of tracks leaked from this mixtape, its going to be crazy. I do warn those heads who listen to conscious rap, this is definetly not the mixtape for you. Although if you can tolerate some bull about vegas and money, go right along and seek this mixtape. It has'nt yet been announced when it will be released, but do keep a look out for when it drops. When it does it will be available on JD's blog as well on phenomenal avenue.

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