Thursday, May 7, 2009


So i woke up this mourning with the urge to have some pancakes, sure enough after i had a great big yawn and strech. I went down to the kitchen to fix me up a batter of mix to start with. Once i was done singing to my own note and getting a cramp in my wrist from swoondling the wooden spoon around. I simply baked my bad boy pancakes nice and fluffy. Honestly i usually rely on others to make them for me because i know im not the best, nor do i have the best skill in cooking in generall. Although, dont get me confused i do go to work on that stove. *PAUSE* Anyways, like i was saying i had great fluffy light brown pancakes waiting my arrival to eat on my kitchen counter. Hence, i had it nicely decorated and or organized to the-t. If i may state so, shit i dont care i will, it looked mighty savvy.
Once all the dishes and all the fun was cleaned up, i sped to the cabinent to the retrive my syrup. Sadly i had no idea where the syrup was, or if there was even any in the house. I could have sworn i stood there still for 3 mins out of dissapointment. Now has this ever happend to you? Im sure everyone has encourted this same issue sometime in their lifetime. Its very annoying to eat something without its sub flavourable ingredient. I dont know about ya'll but i cant eat popcorn without butter nor have cereal without milk. The shit doesn't work well without one another. From my mother's point of view she would simply say "put some water on that then, ya'll dont know how we had it back in the day." O' man, thats another topic though, parents always trying to relate to back in the day how they had it.

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  1. LOLOL word I've faced this no syrup conundrum several times in my life now I think I'm gonna go have some pancakes while you enjoy your night at work.