Thursday, May 7, 2009


Looking at this picture i could only imagine what was running through each of those student's minds at the University of Cincinnati. Surely as i can see the N.E.R.D. jamboree sure was a hell of crazy time. Im imagining hearing loud bar-barrack sounds over a heavy live drum with an accent of synth keys playing along with the tone of pharrell raping/singing. Kids stepping on each other's feet, elbows nudging against others and saliva slinging in every angle of the crowd. Not to mention, the brutal moshpitt that N.E.R.D fans tend to be attracted too. Nevertheless, im sure and almost positive that the concert was certified dope.

I know this because I went to the glow in the dark concert last year right around this time. To be exact it was May 21, my homeboy and girl's birthday, as well one of the best times of my life. Wow that's a big statement, ok maybe i just enjoyed it alot. Anyways after lupe fiasco performed for what i felt approx 20 mins at most, NERD came out and sparked the city on fire opening with the "anit matter" of their seeing sounds album. After that song, people went bizzurk outside infront of their little blue chair at molsen centre. Pharrell and the gang blessed the stage with unique songs that frankly still are my favorite to this day.
The show overall was crazy, i have no words to explain how well kanye performed and entertained the crowd. Seeing that i was first row and dead center out of the whole stadium, i had the privilege to watch his set the best. If you ask how much i paid or coned to get those tickets that close, well i say shit it was PRICELESS! Well not exactly, after i paid my bill just to sit about middle way of the stadium, i snook down to first row. Plus its never bad to know the security bouncer who went to my highschool. Anyways it was mad fun and encourage all to go to kanye's next world tour "glow in the dark 2", which should began around fall this year.

Backstage V.I.P treatment trick! Glow in the dark concert 08'
Kicking it with Aliya-Jasmine the MTV host, while she dayum near ate all my food off my plate infront of me. Shit aint that rude?

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