Thursday, May 7, 2009


Now have you had the delimma of not being able to find the little obvious things. I mean for instance uncapable of finding the remote for the television, (wow i said telelvision i meant tv) yet its actually right underneeth your ass or in the obvious spot. Well one day i was watching something on TV and a wack commercial came on. Then i was like dang what else is on tv, "O' shit the game is on!" So i reached in my lap to find the remote and it wasn't there. So then i looked in the closest creases of the sofa, yet it wasn't there either. Therefore i had no choice to pull back the pillows and regualte the sofa. Now im sure this has also happend to someone in their lifetime. By the time that same show came back on, i still couldn't find the dog' on remote. At this point im well annoyed and frustrated. It wasn't till i sneezed and looked to the right of me where the arm rest was, and seen the light. Lemmie tell you how the dayum remote was about a ruler away from me the whole time. "AHHHHH!" sorry thats what i do sometimes in order to release agression. But anyways, the point is that we take the small things for granted. LOL! nah i lied the point is keep the dayum remote in your hand at all times!

p.s now i cant find my dog' on cell phone charger!

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